Reality lives in the field

   May 07

The Farms

Farm #1

A hundred acres in the rolling hills of Northumberland, Ontario, Canada. We have sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, geese, dogs, vegetables and people.

Montana has been on the land for the past six years. She let’s Ian keep his beehives on the property. We’re in the process of getting certified organic for the veggies.

There is a barn, a chickenhouse, a field of about two and half acres for the market garden, a single-bedroom farm house, a storage shed, a couple of yards to keep everyone corralled in close to the barn, a pond in the middle of the marshy region, lots of pasture for the sheep and horses, and fields of hay.

We’re fortunate that the farm is located amidst a series of rolling hills, creating a beautiful diversity of perspectives and scenery.

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