Reality lives in the field

   May 07

The Crews

The Home Team (Farm #1)

Andrea, the Scientist (she’s a wildlife biologist) and our #1 power intern—when she’s not burning up the ultimate frisbee field, you’ll find her picking out pigweed, providing for poultry and setting it all out in spreadsheets.

Fox, our very own Bruce-Wayne-esque figure—by weekday, a mild-mannered city-dwelling graphic designer in Toronto, by weekend, fearless motorcycle-driving, Airstream-inhabiting son of the manor.

The Great Pyrenees, Orly, Mama Bear, Seb and Rollie, ranging from one to an astonishing (for GPs) 14 or so—these four dogs watch over the sheep like high paid New York City concierges. Or bodyguards.

Jillian, occasional visitor and “good old friend of the farm,” is not interested in details, just wants to do some work.

Kendall, intrepid mom, teacher of children, aspiring urban agriculturalist, clear-headed tiny farmer-in-training.

Kirra and Pi, everyone’s favorite Australian Cattle Dogs, smart and spry, who know’s why.

Lewis and Koby, where the love’s at, sweet kitties.

Mike, the man with a plan, the vegetable garden expert, he’s got the experience and the know-how to make it happen.

Montana, lady of the field herself, a dog and sheep whisperer, she’s taking us all to market.

Ryan, an absent-minded American escaping from academia, who wandered onto the property and stayed to kick around when he heard someone say free food.

Sue, ex-military radio communications specialist turned to tiny farming—market gardener in training on a strict 2-days-a-week farm sked.

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